When we built the future.

International network

Network of post-war modernism

The architecture of the new era shapes both large and small cities throughout Europe. BBB initiates a variety of activities that demonstrate this European dimension of post-war modernism and its values as well as the different strategies of further development. The project includes an exchange on architecture and urban planning of post-war modernism between professionals from Germany and other European countries.


BBB in the
Ruhr Area

Sharing heritage

In the Ruhr area, but also in many other European cities and regions the 1950s to 1970s were an exceptionally innovative time for economy, culture, technology, and society. All over Europs new schools, universities, town halls, churches, department stores, and housing estates were built. These structures were built for a better future. Now they are the heritage of the past. It is now time to embrace this heritage!

big beautiful buildings

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